15 January 2009

What I really want right now...

...is a leather cuff after seeing the gorgeous cuffs by Giles and Brother by Philip Crangi. Seriously, go check out their web site. It is AMAZING. Anyway, I can't afford to spend $500 on any bracelets right now...but I can find some cheaper, equally cool alternatives!

This is an Etsy find from CoRnEy. I think its proportions are spot on for both the ladies and the thinner-wristed gentlemen. Best part, it's $5!!
Amazingly, this is an Urban Outfitters find! I don't shop at UO that often. I find most stuff is overpriced and underquality. But this is a good find, and it will be even better once it's discounted. For the time being, it's $20.

Another Etsy find! I really love the bohemian feel to this one. It's very feminine, too. This metal bubble/bauble shape will be huge this Spring/Summer. Go check out Cindyhoo's shop. Oh, and this costs $86.

For the eco-conscious, Repurposed4You.com is a really great site to find tons of accessories that have been, well, repurposed from something else. This cuff is made from recycled leather. I really like the metal cut-out embellishment. It reminds me of the new Yves Saint Laurent cut-out shoes that are so popular right now...The cuff is only $35; the YSL booties are $1590.

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