05 January 2009

Curiosity of the Day

Robert Brownjohn~ 
This guy was amaaazing.  A graphic designer and most well-known for his sequencing for the opening segments of From Russia with Love and Goldfinger, he was all about mixing design concept with burgeoning 60's pop culture.  I think these are some of the sexiest beginnings to movies EVER...

video courtesy of www.youtube.com

video courtesy of www.youtube.com

Also, check out my dear friend, Gala Knorr...she is a fabulous 
upcoming artist, based in Malaga (Spain). She does these fabulous 
multimedia pieces that capture the bohemian spirit of contemporary 
culture. She is also an incredible role model for young artists who
are making the most of the power of the Internet, using it as the 
most powerful tool for exposure.

Here are a few of her pieces...
"Aude B. Cat," from her series "Animales Interiores"
Aude B. Cat

"Gitana Rubia," from her series "Los Subterraneos"
Gitana Rubia
"White Rabbit Wasser," from her series "Turn On Tune In"
White Rabbit Wasser
all images courtesy of www.mac.com/gala_knorr

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