21 January 2009

Get inspired--Decor8's Creativity Series!

So I was checking out the new posts over at my good friend Jackie's blog, peppermags, and she posted this great entry--Inspiration:Mind Mapping via Decor8. Basically, Decor8 is doing an 8 week creativity series. Every Thursday, a new creative "project" or something to just inspire the creative process will be posted.

The first project was mind mapping things you loved to do as a child. It's a stream of consciousness exercise--just sit down and brainstorm, making a tree of things you loved, images, smells, ANYTHING, from your childhood. It's amazing what you will uncover!! It could turn out like anything!

Here's what Decor8's looks like:

Here's what peppermag's looks like:

And here is what mine looks like:

So bookmark Decor8 and get involved with the project! Challenge yourself. Be inspired. You never know what can come of it!


  1. pretending to be a cheetah and mermaid! my favorite.

  2. mudpies, yes! also trying to fly...i once attempted this as well, with not much luck. jumped from a 2nd story deck hoping to land on the playhouse my grandparents had built for me. but, no...ping-ponged my way through the metal swingset instead. i have nice scars to remind me of the character that moment built in me. :)