08 January 2009

Creative Inspiration of the Day: Andy Warhol's Factory.

Sometimes, while in a creative slump, it helps to drown it out with images of your favorite things.  The Factory period, its characters, its work, its images, is my favorite thing to just look at to feel inspired.  Happy viewing...
Andy Warhol at the Factory, Invitation for Audart Exhibition 
(left) Courtesy of Audart Gallery. (right) Courtesy of Galeriemons.

Courtesy of Warholstars.

Courtesy of Photomania.
(left) Judith Green portrait, courtesy of The City Review. (right) Courtesy of Oregonlive.
(left) Courtesy of Loudpaper. (right) Courtesy of The City Review.

Courtesy of Rock Pop Gallery.

Courtesy of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

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