07 January 2009

Today's poster art.

So my last post gave a quick retrospective of some of the big names in 1960's American poster art, and it only makes sense to do a post on who's got great stuff going today!  

Vic is an amazing graphic designer that was based in Birmingham for quite a while.  He's a dear friend of many of my dear friends, and while I'm not quite sure what he's up to these days, I'm sure it's something big and awesome.  Here are a few posters he has done in the past two years for the greatest venue in many, many years, Bottletree.

This was for a Dan Sartain show.  I've known this guy since I was 14, and he has had one hell of a career already! Strange, sexy music...

This Bonnie Prince Billie poster was for the first unofficial show at Bottletree, back in the BYOB days.  Will totally cast a spell over everyone in his pale yellow short shorts.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Methane Studios has been making posters since 1997.  Having been featured in multiple art and design publications, their prints are quickly becoming high dollar collector items.  (They're also fans of my husband, Duquette Johnston and our friends Warm in the Wake.)

Courtesy of Methane Studios.

If you're like me, and you know what you like, Poster Cabaret is an incredible treasure trove!  They sell concert posters and have great galleries to peruse, and they also feature non-concert art prints.  Here are some of my favorites I came across on the site...

Cat Power and Mum by Little Friends.

Gob Iron by Guy Burwell (this guy should be HUGE!!).

My Morning Jacket by Guy Burwell.

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