29 January 2009

1920s/30s tooled leather purses.

I've only recently become addicted to eBay, and yesterday I wound up on a search that started with vintage leather purses to tooled leather purses, and ultimately stumbling upon the prettiest purses I've ever seen in my life! I have a few bags from the 20s and 30s, but I've never even seen tooled leather purses from this period!!

Here are a few. Aren't they gorgeous??

This purse comes from Back Thennish Vintage. The inside is dated-- 1-25-21. (The purse just turned 88 years old, and it's still carry-able!) It was made by JEMCO.

This purse comes from Sirwinstonthepug's Done Gone Deals. It's another JEMCO from 1918.

This purse comes from swissgulch Antiques. The purse is circa 1920 and features both Art Nouveau and Art Deco designs, very Arts and Crafts style.

This purse comes from abee2. The inside is dated 11/3/31. It features an Arts and Crafts style floral design.

This comes from Mauri's. The purse features a Mexican/Deco design.

This comes from oldadvertiser. Definitely from the 30s, this leather purser has a bakelite handle!

This comes from Bronnie's Antiques and Collectibles. It's carved bakelite!!! How cool is that?? This purse could only serve the purpose of a dance purse, with only room to hold a lipstick and some cash. If anyone knows anything about this style purse, contact the seller through the link. He/she is looking for info!


  1. these are pretty. whenever i see a vintage leather bag in good condition while thrifting, i have to pick it up. i haven't come across anything this intricate though.

    this website makes reproductions of shoes and bags from the 20s-60s and their tooled designs are so pretty. if only it was cheaper... http://www.remixvintageshoes.com/handtd.html

    morgan, we have to stop browsing things to buy online!

  2. Oooooh, this web site....
    But seriously, $300+?!?!?!
    No thank you, I'd rather stick to my poor lady scavenging!

    And note: I never actually buy online...I just like to look and catalog what I would buy.

    I will always buy cheap vintage leather, even if it only sits in a storage bin in my closet.

  3. Did you purchase the vintage handbag from abee2 with the inside date of 11/3/31? This is the exact same handbag my grandmother had and I would love to find it again. my name is Teri and I am at tlsmocha@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  4. Hey Teri, I did not purchase that handbag. I only featured it on my blog. My advice would be to contact abee2 through the link I included. He/she may still have the bag or be able to give you info as to who does! Good luck! (And how amazing is it that we can track down our lost treasures with the help of the Internet??)