26 January 2009


We all wear a lot of hats in life--I approve of this cliche solely because of my love of hats.
Anyway, this "housewife" thing is my latest hat.

I finished a very long, drawn out tenure at college in December with a degree in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and Public Discourse with minors in French and Sociology. I was really, really good at being a student, but how long could that really last? I needed to move on, start something new in my life, change things up, and I needed to quit bleeding money. Whoever would have thought I would graduate with a fine degree (and with high honors, mind you) and enter the worst job market since the Depression?

I also married the greatest man ever in September (after seven long years of...well, it makes for one hell of a story in itself). He's a musician and a carpenter, and we are doing well enough ("well enough"= we can pay our bills on time and buy groceries and that's about it). So right now I am not totally stressing about my jobless situation. I'm just playing housewife, which I guess I am not really playing seeing as how that's kind of what I am for now...

Oh, but I LOVE it! Aside from taking pride in caring for my home and enjoying the freedom I have to paint and blog and go take photos anytime, I've always been super fascinated with 50s/60s housewife life. It was so fabulously deluded!! I've got books and books on the subject--I collect these etiquette manuals and women's interest books from the late 1800s-1970s.

But to get to the point of my semi-rambling blog, hey I gave up caffeine three days ago and I am sitting here with a cup of decaf. I have the right to ramble...

Here's some housewife imagery...maybe it'll motivate me to get out of the office and perform the 43 chores I need to get out of the way before 4pm.

Here's some great housewife Etsy buys...

Sarah Wathen is a painter and photographer, and I really like these photos. They are part of a series...

left: It's a little quilt from extratoppings.
right: Diary of a Mad Housewife, from juliemarie23.

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