17 January 2009

A curious thing to wake up to this morning.

I woke up early-ish on this chilly Saturday morning. I made coffee. I showered. When I was drying myself off, I noticed this crazy looking bite on my shoulder! It looked like a hefty mosquito bite surrounded by this crazy red, oblong ring. It doesn't itch, just burns a little and freaks me out A LOT.

So as I sit here waiting for this thing to either grow or go away (I'm praying for the latter), I figured I'd explore some great spider accessories. My theory is that if you're wearing/carrying a spider piece, you're showing support to the spider cause--and maybe this gesture will move the spiders so as not to bite Curious People all over the world!

A nontraditional pincushion, by GaileBertham and a spider locket from edmdesigns.

Sterling silver earrings by BeadsInTheBelfry and loteria pillowed ornaments by missbutler.

14k gold, pearl, and diamond stick pin from Master68uk and a Native American old fire agate brooch from FireAgateFreak.

And this last spider find is probably my favorite spider piece of all time. It also comes from Master68uk's Etsy shop and costs a pretty penny. But it's 14k gold and diamonds. It's handmade, and the details are incredible!


  1. That pincushion is amazing! It's flattering to see my loteria spider in such gorgeous company as all this spider jewelry.

  2. Thanks for stopping by!! Check back often--I love posting etsy finds!