07 April 2010

Mole, Thomas, Goldbeck, and More...

I began my Google image search with the intention of finding some images of old photographs of artists in their studios, and then this image popped up in my search results... it looks like an old silver gelatin print of some army insignia...and then you look at the full-size image and it is hundreds of soldiers standing in formation!! AH-MAZING!!!

These are called "living photographs," and are described as an attempt to recover national identity through imaging.

You've just got to see them for yourself. WOW.
(This one is my favorite. I need a print of this!)
Photographer Unknown, Grenzhausen, Germany "1st Field Artillery Brigade, 1st Division" 1919
Vintage Silver Gelatin Print

Newman Photo "Animated Crest 34th Division" Camp Cody, New Mexico, 1918
Vintage Silver Gelatin Print

Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas,
"The Human U.S. Shield" 1918
Vintage Silver Gelatin Photo Print

All images and information came from this site (it didn't have a name!).

06 April 2010

Through the Sparks Photo Shoot

Last night I had the pleasure of taking some new promo shots of Through the Sparks, featuring their newest lineup and in anticipation of their new release, Worm Moon Waning. With Duquette Johnston as my assistant, we threw the six guys in the back of a pickup truck, beer and cigarettes in hand, and head towards a hidden baseball field. Jumping the padlocked fence and racing the golden light, here are a few of my favorite shots!

You can see the rest of the shots here...

And be sure to check out Through the Sparks--you can download their new album FREE right here.

04 April 2010

A Year Away

After nearly a year sabbatical from blogging, I'm back in tip top form, Lovelies! I've had a new surge of creativity and motivation, and a trillion amazing things are on the horizon...

My husband and I bought our first home...so expect lots of photos and design ideas/projects.

Those of you who know me, know I have a gift of finding amazing vintage treasures, whether it be Frye riding boots from the 60s, a variety of crazy unique objets, the wildest clothing and accessories, linens, art, pottery...so look forward to my launching an Etsy store (and eventually an eBay store, too!).

I've been photographing the most amazing bands lately as well--Spoon, Deerhunter, Roman Candle, The Civil Wars, and soon The Dead Weather, The Whigs, and more...so I'm going to make my prints available for a very reasonable price!

So here we go people. This is going to be fan-tas-tic.
Want to see something specific? Let me know!
Looking for a certain objet and don't know where to start? Message me or comment and I'll find you a brilliantly edited selection!

Let's have our vision and work so hard to see it come to light!

As my friend JR says, "We're going big in 2010!"
And Happy Easter. Go be with your family and friends and be thankful!