23 January 2009

Come sale with me...

Well, it's Friday, and that means I am going to my sales (as I love to call them).  Oh, and it's going to be a good one! 

This is what I am keeping an eye open for:
-50s and 60s ladies clothing, namely lingerie, sweaters, coats, blouses, scarves, gloves
-Linens, including tea towels
-50s/60s serveware, including carafs, platters, etc.
-SHOES! (Boots, boots, boots)
-Old office supplies
-Old b&w photos
-50s Parisienne 
-60s women's interest magazines
-unique pillows with needlework
-Etiquette books
-Men's clothing, especially old Brooks Brothers, Wrangler, Levi's, felt hats, vests, belt buckles

If I find something fantastic, I'll throw up some photos (unless I am simply too caught up in the joy of my discoveries!!)


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