03 February 2009

Turquoise beauty.

I love turquoise jewelry so much. I think it comes from my exposure to Southwestern Native American cultures as a young child. My father flew hot air balloons with Thunder and Colt out in New Mexico. We went every year for the races, and every year we were invited to a Pueblo reservation to visit Mary Rosetta, a jewelry maker who had to be 90 years old. She would take me apple picking and show me how she used her kiln. And then my parents would buy several pieces she made--necklaces, cuff bracelets, rings, earrings...

My husband, too, loves the turquoise. He grew up out in Wyoming and saw his dad wear a big hunk of turquoise as a wedding ring. Anyway, we began our own collection of turquoise and Native American-inspired jewelry that we are very proud of and always looking to add to!

Here's a recent find from eBay. I would buy it if we had the money to spare (saving up for SXSW!).

This is an estate auction from catgre2157. I really love the cuffs and the rings. The lot is going for $200 right now, and I think that's a really fantastic price for this stuff.

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