23 February 2009

Beloved Curiosity: Miroslav Sasek

Miroslav Sasek was a German illustrator who created the incredible This Is book series. Each book profiles a major city or country of the world with the wonderment of a child's eye. The collection consists of eighteen books that cover locations from Paris (1959) to Edinburgh (1961) to Cape Canaveral (1963), Hong Kong (1965), Greece (1966), and so many more!

I've only recently come across his work via the Internet, but I will forever keep an eye open for first editions of these books!

Here are some of his incredible illustrations, and be sure to check out the official Web site, This is M. Sasek.

left: from This is Paris, 1959.
right: from This is London, 1959.

left: from This is Venice, 1961.
right: from This is San Francisco, 1962.

left: from This is Cape Canaveral, 1963.
right: from This is Texas, 1967.

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