05 February 2009

Lamenting the end of Domino.

As everyone knows, Domino magazine is no more. This news broke my heart last week as Domino was the last magazine I truly loved after the untimely demise of Blueprint. The publishing industry is taking a really hard hit, and as great as the Internet is, it's not the same as pulling a glossy magazine from the depths of your tote bag and flipping through its pages with the grace of a cool breeze. People need pretty images. They need something to tear out and hold onto. While the Internet can give you any image you want in a split second, those shiny printed pages are secrets we can steal away in our pockets, stuffed inside a day planner, tacked to a wall. They will yellow and curl and the name of the magazine from which you pulled it will be long forgotten, but that pretty picture will wind up in a jewelry box or sock drawer that someone comes across in 2045. It will become their treasure--and it shouldn't be because they've never seen a magazine before!

Oh, and it's not just the Domino magazine shutting down; it's the web site too. So go there are save as many articles and pictures today because any moment they could be gone forever! That's what I will be doing...

Domino's official web site...www.dominomag.com/
The Domino Deco Files, save, save, save...mydecofile.dominomag.com/
Domino Daily Dose Blogs...mydecofile.dominomag.com/
We Love Domino blog...welovedomino.wordpress.com/

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