17 February 2009

Curious Party Idea: Masked in the Garden.

A friend and I are planning to have a masquerade dinner once Spring finally comes along. You know that scene in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette when they have that beautiful garden dinner party? That's what we're going for... all white and various shades of cream and the natural greenery surrounding us. Lots of candles. We are thinking of gourmet potluck to save the expense of having a catered thing--I mean, who really has the money or time for that?

The point is to have an effortlessly chic party, so all a guest will need is a good dish and an interesting mask.

This is kind of the mood I'm trying to capture--relaxed, intimate, bohemian, neverending...

left: I love the length of this table, the green bottles spanning the length, and the mismatched rustic chairs. Image, courtesy of Alaskan Photo Adventures.
right: Great, glowing atmosphere. Image, courtesy of LJC Blog.

left: I love the fringed tablecloth, the candles, and the lights in tree in the background. Stock photo, courtesy of Photo Search.
right: Photo, courtesy of Martha Stewart (of course).

A little lighting...

left: Photo, courtesy of Zonefred's Flickr.
right: Solar lights, courtesy of Inhabitat.

These are some fabulous masks I found on etsy that are simply exquisite and beyond perfect for the party! I'm loving the whole animal/mythological theme to the masks. Couldn't you just picture a long table packed with wolves and owls and scales and feathers, teeth and wild grins illuminated by the candle light??

left: Thetis Sea Goddess mask, from asuwish.
right: Mildly Medusa mask, also from asuwish.

left: Ooly Owl mask, also from asuwish.
right: Silver Asteria mask, also from asuwish.

Bluebell Fairy Mask, also from asuwish.
Pink Daisy Mask, also from asuwish.

left: White Fox Mask, from Merimask.
right: Unicorn Leather Mask, from Tom Banwell Leather. (I'm totally going to get this one!)

left: Big Bad Wolf Mask, by Masquefaire. (I would get this one for my husband.)
right: Lunar Fox Mask, from 1ntegral.


  1. I've always wanted to go to masked event. So fun and mysterious! Great post.

  2. Thanks, Lauren! I think a masked party could potentially be the greatest/most successful party ever thrown. Everyone exposing their animal natures. I also think it would be really witty to have an invitation with Yeats' poem, "The Mask" on it...

    ‘Put off that mask of burning gold

    With emerald eyes.’

    ‘O no, my dear, you make so bold

    To find if hearts be wild and wise,

    And yet not cold.’

    ‘I would but find what’s there to find,

    Love or deceit.’

    ‘It was the mask engaged your mind,

    And after set your heart to beat,

    Not what’s behind.’

    ‘But lest you are my enemy,

    I must enquire.’

    ‘O no, my dear, let all that be;

    What matter, so there is but fire

    In you, in me?’

    (And thanks for stopping by!)