24 February 2009

Feedsack Cloth

I had a conversation with my grandmother the other day about the Great Depression. I want to hear all the stories she has, and considering these stressful economic times, I especially wanted to hear what life was like during the Depression. While she didn't go into great depth, she vividly remembers how difficult it was for her family (she was one of seven children) in rural Alabama. They were farmers and grew all the produce for a small mining community. While their lives were filled with so much worry, back-breaking work, and hunger, she fondly remembers the vivid color brought to her life by the feedsack dresses her mother made for her and her sisters.

The era of the printed feedsack started in the 1920s, when manufacturers realized they could sell more of their feedsacks if they were printed with bright colors and patterns. The timing is a bit ironic, I must say. Anyway, feedsack cloth is hard to come by, but I've come across some on eBay. These are truly beautiful. I can only imagine what my grandmother's dresses looked like...

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