03 February 2009

Beloved Curiosity: Female merit badges.

Mary Yaeger makes these embroidered badges representing female "rites of passage" in a beauty-obsessed culture. I really, really love these badges. I don't think you can order the badges themselves, you can order posters at Mary Yaeger's web site. They're so clever and play on most little girl's memories of busting ass to get Girl Scout badges. Well, here you go, ladies. Menstruation? Get a badge!
Shave your legs? Get a badge!
Black lacy bra? Weight loss? First pubic hair? Get your badges!!!

Here are a few...

from left: "Diaphragm," "Cramps," "Lipstick."

from left: "Pantyhose," "Underarm Hair Growth," "Inserting a Tampon."

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