04 February 2009

Going along on a shoot.

I'm so excited! Today I get to go assist on a couple photo shoots, and I am so thrilled. So since I've got cameras on the brain, here are some fun Etsy camera-themed finds!

left: Shutterbug necklace from Crumpetcake.
right: Eco-friendly tote bag from The Craft Pantry.

left: Working lamp and 1934 Cine Kodak Model 25 8mm camera, so cool. From Litterlamps85.
right: Canon SLR parts shirt, from shopshopdesigns.

I also collect old cameras, mostly things I come across at thrift stores and estate sales--35mm, medium format, even old 8mm. Shocking, I know. Anyway, here are some cool old cameras for sale on Etsy.

left: 50s Mansfield Holiday II 8mm, from Gaze of Orpheus.
right: Exacta Varex IIa, from Zortose.

left: 60s TDC Stereo Colorist Camera for taking 3-D pictures, from Nostalgic Meditations.
right: Yashica-Mat TLR twin lens reflex, from Supply Fascination.

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