09 March 2009

These boots were made for walking...

Hey Everyone!! I am back from my week of no posts! I was momentarily lost in the panic of getting a million things done in the span on about four days. We had our yard sale, and it was a great success!! We made far more than we had anticipated and have all the money we need for gas money to get to Austin for South By Southwest and back!!!

This week is going to be another crazy one, but I will be blogging through it! Of course, my mind is on Texas, the promise of the pending excitement at SXSW, great music, incredible (yet practical) fashion, authentic TexMex food, and so much more... So join me this week in getting ready for one hell of a trip!

Today, I am thinking about footwear. We all know my obsession with sexy boots, but I MUST put a very high priority on comfort. SXSW and any other festival/conference involves a LOT of walking. You get little sleep and spend about 18 hours a day on your feet--running between shows and parties and meetings and on and on...

And right now, I am OBSESSED with moccasins. They're so comfortable and so beautifully crafted. I personally believe they can go with ANYTHING, and the leather is so richly colored that they make a perfect accessory in themselves.

Moccasins.com has some incredible pairs of mocs and they are some of the least expensive shoes I've ever come across. They will last you forever, too. Here are some of my favorite styles...

left:Three layer fringe Minnetonka.
right: Knee hi Minnetonka. I lucked out and found a pair of these in brown at the thrift store! I will most likely be living in these in Austin.

left: Minnetonka two button, $32.95-36.95.
right: Minnetonka hi tramper, $49.95.

left: Minnetonka fringe calf boot, $75.95.
right: Minnetonka woodstock fringe boot, $59.99.

left: Footskins knee hi moc, $132.99.
right: Minnetonka side lace, $75.95.

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