02 March 2009

Snow fell on Alabama...

What a weekend we had here in Alabama!! It seems like when I was a child, my memories of growing up in Alabama were framed by winters of light snows, sledding, snowball fights, and hot chocolate by a fireplace. However, it's been around ten years since we have seen more than an inch or so of that beautiful white fluff. Our meteorologists haven't come off as the brightest people this year, interrupting hours of regular programming over the past few months with the promise of hail, tornado, flood, frost, and snow--and it never ever happens. So when Saturday rolled around and every news station urged people to prepare for a snow storm, I just did not believe them. In the early hours of Sunday morning, as the husband and I caught up with old friends on the patio of the Garage, there was still no snow. I still did not believe. We got home around 2AM and fell asleep, stifling our secret desperate hope for snow just so we wouldn't be disappointed in the morning.

Well, along comes morning...and the most snow that I've seen in years!! We quickly bundled up and took to the neighborhood streets with our dogs, Pagoda and Blue. They played for a bit with the new neighbors' baby Husky. All of a sudden it was white out conditions; the snow was falling so hard and fast and the wind was blowing so fiercely, Pagoda got lost. We found him shortly thereafter, but I was soaked through.

We took a break, warmed up in the comfort of our toasty living room, ate coffee cake, and bundled back up to do it all over again--with leashes on the dogs, of course.


Everything was fabulous! I even joked to our neighbor about my amazement that our neighborhood (notorious for power loss) still had electricity. And then we walked home...and our power went out!!! Normally, we would brave the loss. But my husband was on his last day of recording an album for NPR's Record Production Month challenge. He had to record 10 songs...and we HAD NO POWER. After breaking down and loading up all the recording gear about ten times, trekking to several different locations to find a quiet, well-powered room, two minor mental breakdowns, and one exploding car (seriously, I saw a car BLOW UP), he finished the record!! It was 1 in the morning, but it was recorded, dumped from the four-track, and mastered (thanks to record producer extraordinaire, Les Nuby).

It was a wild weekend and fabulous just the same. The snow is long gone, and we are sad. But I'm sure we will see it again...in the year 2019.

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