10 March 2009

Texas Ware.

So in my grand perusal of all things Texas, I came across the most beautiful vintage melamine pieces, called Texas Ware. Plastic Manufacturing Company (PMC) made the Texas Ware pieces from the late 1950s through the 1990s. At one point, PMC was the largest plastics manufacturer in the world, and they revolutionized the stackable melamine bowls and cups. Interestingly, out of the thousands of pieces they manufactured, the speckled or spatter Texas Ware is the most sought after. It's interesting because the speckle in the melamine was a result of using surplus material that was left over from other products. The pieces are so pretty.

Here is some Texas Ware that's for sale on eBay...

11" mixing bowl, No.125, from nrls68.

10" Confetti Spatter Bowl, No. 118, from toms1057.

8" Spatter mixing bowl, from tresori.

Orange Spatter Lunch trays, from ajcarson2000.

11" Spatter Bowl, No. 125, from sewsimple57.

11 1/2" Spatter Bowl, from diamonddeb45.

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