12 March 2009

Taking an early weekend, sort of...

Hey Everyone!
This week's blog schedule is a little off as the preparation for South by Southwest is in full gear! I am working on photo shoots today and tomorrow. Tonight is the second Gas Money: Birmingham goes to South by Southwest fundraiser at Workplay in Birmingham.

I hope it's a phenomenal turnout--eight Birmingham bands are heading to Austin to play an unofficial day party at the Creekside Lounge on Saturday the 21st. This is a first for Birmingham, and we are all hoping that it will establish this city as a contender in incredible music.

The bands playing are:
O+S (that's Orenda Fink from Azure Ray and Little Red Rocket and Scalpelist AKA Cedric LeMoyne of Remy Zero and Gnarls Barkley)
Duquette Johnston and the Rebel Kings (headed by Daniel Duquette Johnston, founding member of Verbena, Cutgrass, touring bassist of the Blake Babies, Brother Cane, etc.)
Vulture Whale (including Les Nuby of Verbena)
Taylor Hollingsworth (of the Mystic Valley Band)
13 Ghosts
Through the Sparks
The Grenadines
Kate Taylor

Now, a little profiling of Duquette Johnston...

Duquette Johnston and the Rebel Kings are also playing SXSW on Wednesday March 18th at 10PM at the Tap Room at Six. It's sure to be a great show, featuring band mates Greg Slamen of Through the Sparks, Michael Shackleford of Through the Sparks, The Grenadines, King Carnivore, Maria Taylor, and David Swatzell of Mt. St. Mtn. and Last Flight In.

Here are a couple links to a couple SXSW interviews--from Les Enfants Terribles and another from Atomic Ned-- and a recent review--from Omniplug-- of the Duke's latest record, It Sings Because It Has a Song, that was written and recorded in 28 days for NPR's Record Production Month Challenge.

Also, if you're in the Birmingham area this Saturday, March 14th, Duquette is playing a special acoustic set at The Urban Standard, debuting the songs from It Sings Because It Has a Song. The show starts at 7.30 pm, and will also feature the music of Jon Black and Neil Couvillion.

Anyway, surrounding these thrilling events is the feat of packing everything I could possibly need for a week at a music conference/festival, scheduling an 8am-4am existence for five straight days, figuring out carpool/caravan, and making sure my husband (the Duke himself) does the same.

I will check back in Monday, before we depart, and, remember, I will be blogging daily from SXSW!!


  1. Dang, I guess I need to jump in a few more bands so I can hang with David and Michael.

  2. Aren't you hangin' with David and Michael by playing with the Duke?? You got lots going on, not to mention the promise of a little Duke Nasty!!! I'm so excited about Austin!! (You better not miss your flight...)