01 April 2009

In need of a new cup--Etsy shopping day

In the past six months, the husband and I have gone through my large and rather intrusive collection of random vintage dishware (which was carefully selected through the years, mind you) and have narrowed it down to my late 1960's Taylorstone "Cathay" china for everyday use, our Spode "Blue Italian" for formal stuff (it's what we registered for when we got married and only have two place settings and three pieces of serveware), my grandmother's Royal Albert "Country Rose" which is on display in my office (because we don't have room for a china cabinet right now), a cabinet full of my grandparents' crystal serveware and various cups, goblets, etc., and my large (yet shrinking) collection of various sized glass jars.

I felt like I had purged myself of the unneccessary and condensed my tableware collection to the point that it would never create a large pile in the sink before we would run out of clean dishes--I thought this was a brilliant way to put a number on the dishes one should have...

Well, now I have realized that I need some new coffee cups. I am kind of displeased with what we have right now. I like an assortment of mugs so that each one can be ascribed to a mood--am I feeling tiny and delicate today? Or do I need something big and warm to cup in my hands?--but I want them to be relatively cohesive in style (we have open-fronted cabinets). Right now, I have my grandmother's thick glass mugs. There are two styles, a standard flat-bottomed cup and one that's a little more cafe-style. They are really nothing extraordinary, but they always remind me of having coffee with powdered creamer and sweet'n'low at her house. I want to keep a couple of her mugs, but I need something new.

Anyway, here are a few styles that I am liking, though I will probably end up buying a set from an estate sale!

I love the Pyrex (on the left) for its durability and whiteness despite being 30+ years old. And vintage stoneware always has a place in my heart. It just feels right in your hand. And I love the floral prints right now (because it's Spring, I suppose). Maybe I need seasonal sets of mugs...
LEFT:Vintage Pyrex Summer Impressions mugs, from sweetrice.
RIGHT: Vintage Stoneware Takahashi mugs, from jwhite2.

I love mid-century dishware with their perfect shapes and great designs. And I've also considered only having mugs with owls on them--picking a theme and going with it. The husband and I love owls, and we already happen to have a pair of mugs with the cutest little owls sitting on a tree that were gifts from our good friend Jackie over at peppermags.
LEFT: Set of 6 Temporama mugs, from TotallyJuliaRAd.
RIGHT: Owl mug, from autumnalways.

I LOVE these two sets of mugs paired together!! Maybe I will go for a collection of brilliantly colored florals and folk images against the stark white surface of good Pyrex or Corningware!!
LEFT: Scandinavian vintage by Berggren, from levintageMaison.
RIGHT: Vintage flower mugs, from VintageEye.

Isn't this set adorable?? It depicts a cute little dimestore/candy counter scene. It's ceramic Enesco, also from leVintageMaison.

Now, isn't this set WILD?! This midcentury atomic mug set comes from AustinModern, and the seller can't find any information on the production of this set other than it was made by Hall (USA) China. The holders are cast aluminum...if you know anything, I bet he/she would be interested!

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