14 April 2009

Beloved Curiosity: Andrew Bucci

Andrew Bucci is a Southern-born artist who currently lives in Maryland. Born in 1922, Bucci began taking art lessons at a young age and grew up with a very diverse and thorough education ranging from Engineering at LSU to art in Chicago, France, NYC and some Meteorology at some point. Bucci was a Meteorologist in Maryland from 1956-1979, but he always painted. He still paints now and even creates needlepoint reproductions of some of his works.

He is represented by the Cole Pratt Gallery in New Orleans, LA and Brown's Fine Art in Jackson, MS.

left: "Lady Seated in Yellow Dress," 1950-51.
right: "Seated Nude II," 1950-51.

left: "Lady at Rest"
right: "Color Splash"

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