23 April 2009

What I will be doing today...

Hey there, friends. I am heavy in the throes of photo editing. As I mentioned yesterday, the husband and I went to see Mogwai. And it was FANTASTIC! One of the best shows I have ever seen! I ended up getting a photo pass--thanks Brian!! I had such a blast shooting them. The lights were ALL over the place. Quite the challenge. I've got about 600 shots to go through, which I will throw up on Flickr as soon as I'm finished.

Until then, why don't you stop by my Flickr page and check out some of the other bands and people and things and places I've photographed?

Just click...Morgan Jones Johnston's Flickr.

See you guys in a bit. And I hope you're enjoying this BEAUTIFUL day!


  1. Hi, You were interested in a 1974 Starkey Labs stereo egg chair. I have one in mint condition and getting ready to sell. I will send photograph if you send me a request. At zhooddeb@gmail.com. I also have some unique and ancient posters including one of a kind originals huge sizes. Will send pictures of them upon request. Thanks HummingbirD

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